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Rating: 8.00

Tasty curves, sexy hands and pure brainfuck!

Are you excited, honey? Because you know what's coming up to you? Nobody's looking only at the hands of a curved lady like me! I'll show you my tasty body by stroking my legs and hips with my fingers. Then they glide over my awesome decollete and pull the bra. During that view you're already wanking hard, but keep calm, 'cause I've just started and it's getting really hot now! I squeeze out the white hand lotion ont he back of my hand and start to spread it...

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Brunette girl Anfisa

Rating: 10.00

Anfisa shows you her sexy hands

Anfisa has very nice and soft hands. Watch the clip and find out how she holds a coffee cup and touches it gently... she shows you her hands in close-up view and strokes softly above the palms of her hands. A very sexy and seductive video!

The most favorit SexyHands.net Update

Giantess Iwona

Rating: 9.67

Iwonas big hands

Iwona has really big hands. 18,5 cm or 7,2 inch - most male hands look small in comparison. Iwona measures her hands and you can watch her. She'll put some lotion on her hands before she grabs you. Total hand fetish!

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