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Last update: 2017-02-17
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Cindy C.

Rating: 6.50

Cindy tears the paper

My hands are so gentle and smooth, and now you'll get the chance to admire them from every perspective! But don't be mistaken, 'cause they can be really desrictive. To show you what I mean, I take out a sheet of paper and start to tear it. My beautiful hands destroy everything! Can you hear the paper tearing? You can see the fibers dispense from each other and watch my strong hands wrinkling little paper balls.

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Brunette girl Anfisa

Rating: 10.00

Anfisa shows you her sexy hands

Anfisa has very nice and soft hands. Watch the clip and find out how she holds a coffee cup and touches it gently... she shows you her hands in close-up view and strokes softly above the palms of her hands. A very sexy and seductive video!

The most favorit SexyHands.net Update


Rating: 9.50

Mercedes got sexy hands

Come a little closer to Mercedes - she wants to show her sexy hands to you. Watch as she plays with them, sticks them into your direction and really starts to turn you on with them. You like hands, don't you? Then you definitely check out Mercedes'. They're so close you can almost feel them - simply hot!

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