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Last update: 2020-08-31
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Hanna & Jane

Rating: 0.00

Look at how it slides!

The hands of Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna are just right for you. With a big squirt of cream it will get really slick between their fingers. Watch how it slides, how sexy it looks and how it sounds - such a pleasure! This smacking sound turns you on all of a sudden - but you're stuck there tortured in your chastity belt. These four hands squelch around with the hot cream and fuck your mind. You would love to put your cock into the hands of Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane, but that is not possible, because Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna keep you chaste, especially now, when you are in a state of horniness. You are on the verge of madness and you are not even allowed to touch your cock. This is the epitome of torture - can you stand it?!

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Sue S.

Rating: 9.25

Her sexy hands will drive you into ecstasy

You can't get enough of sexy hands! Just like Lady Sue's sexy hands. Her sexy red fingernails, her tender skin make you immediately hot and horny! You'd like to touch her right away, maybe even kiss her or lick her! Lady Sue will give you a taste and let you give her a kiss on the hand. Having her hands close to your face and smelling her scent puts you in absolute ecstasy.

The most favorit SexyHands.net Update


Rating: 9.25

Squeezing balls

You're already horny by only watching my gentle hands.. when I stick them towards you, you can adore them from every perspective. My hands are really delicate, but also strong - don't underestimate them! I take this balloons and squeeze them firmly in front of your greedy eyes. My fingers dig deeper into the balloons and suddenly you realize what they're up to. These little balloons could also be your balls!

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