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Rating: 7.00

Sexy hand care

You think it's hot to watch Lady Levana rub hand cream into her hands. You are very close as you watch her daily hand care routine. She slowly rubs the cream into her palm and around her hands. Lady Levana shows you her creamed hands and stretches them out to you. Now they are perfect!

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Sara Surprisink

Rating: 10.00

Crushing plastic cups with her hands

Tattoolady Sara Surprisink shows you her tattooed hands. You look at the tattoos on her fingers as she rolls a plastic cup between her palms, crushing it ever so lightly. Her fingers are strong though and she crushes the plastic cup until it is very small. You see her power and dream of being touched so hard by her... and maybe even crushed?

The most favorit SexyHands.net Update


Rating: 10.00

Cigarette between my fingers

For a long time you are crazy about my hands. Now I torch my cigarette and keep it between my fingers. That drives you crazy! You could watch for hours how I drag on my smoky cigarette, breathe out slowly and you watch my sexy hands...

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